About Us

KOBAYASHI HEALTHCARE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is established since October 2011. Since our establishment, we have been maintaining the operating policy of our head office in Japan with the vision of “Something New, Something Different” in Malaysia market.

As a subsidiary of KOBAYASHI PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LIMITED, the indispensable role of KOBAYASHI HEALTHCARE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is to exploit market in Malaysia. We are engaged in the marketing and selling of products of KOBAYASHI PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP in Malaysia market by continuously launching new products to expand market share.

We always lay great emphasis on the importance of healthy and comfortable living, and the establishment of a close relationship with every customer. We are committed to develop various innovative products to offer a more comfortable and quality living to our customers. Our parent company’s vision of “Something New, Something Different” together with its motto of “You Make a Wish and We Make it Happen” always drive us to attain to perfection and change, and to look for new healthy living concepts in response to ever changing needs of the market. This is what we call a “Life Long Commitment” to our customers.

Products we have launched in Malaysia cater to customers’ needs with caring in every aspect, including pharmaceutical products (AMMELTZ Yoko-Yoko), personal care products (KOOLFEVER Cooling Gel Sheets), and household products (SAWADAY Fragrance Liquid).