Cover and protect painful wound
Prevents dirt and germs from entering to wound

Suitable for Hangnail, Crack and paper cuts and other minor cuts.

Ideal for shoe sore, house works, swimming, shower, sport, outdoor activities and gardening

Product Features

  1. Brush applicator makes it easier to apply a proper amount to the target area
  2. Liquid dries quickly to form thin film, stay in place firmly
  3. Film cover painful wounds and protects from stinging pain on contacting to water
  4. Clear and Colorless, making it inconspicuous
  5. Fast Drying
  6. Stay in place
  7. Over 100 applications


How to Use

Clean the affected area, apply a proper amount to the wound and leave to dry.

*A stingging sensation may be experienced immediately after applying at the wound area which will go away on drying.


  • Do not apply on the following areas: sore or purulent wounds; the eyes and its surrounding area; mucous membranes; large or deep cuts/wounds, eczema, bleeding areas.
  • The following persons should consult a physician before use: persons receiving medical treatment; persons with a history of allergic reactions to drugs; persons who are hypersensitive.
  • Stop using this product immediately and consult a physician if you develop a rash, reddening, itch, swelling due to the use of this product, or if symptoms persist after using this product for several days. Intentional removal of applied bandage can be done by applying a new layer on the top of the dried bandage and rubbing the liquid while it is still wet, until the bandage comes off.
  • Do not wash the brush with water. (The liquid may condense on contact with water.)